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A plastic support system designed to be used along with reinforced corrugated boxes.


We would like to present you a low cost solution that is going to facilitate your packing tasks.

YP Protainer® is a enviromentally friendly single-use plastic pallet. 

YP Protainer® have been proving their reliability to customers for over 40 years.


YP Protainer® Track Record

  • Automobile engine parts

  • High-performance products

  • Electronic parts

  • Precision equipment

  • Audio equipment

  • Aircraft parts

  • Grinding wheel components

  • Antiques

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Optical components

Information of YP Protainer®

You can check here the product outline and see its distinctive characteristics.

Features of YP Protainer®

YP Protainer® is an ultra-light plastic pallet.

Cut down your packing costs.

No size Limitations

YP Protainer® adapts to the size of your cargo, facilitating your packing tasks even when the boxes have a lengthy shape.

RoHS Compliance

YP Protainer® are made of polypropylene. They don't produce moisture nor chemical emissions and they comply with RoHs and REACH regulations. 

Forklift and Handlift Compatible

YP Protainer® are compatible with both standard and manual forklifts.

Space Saving

YP Protainer® is very compact. They just need 1/10 of the warehouse space compared to a typical wooden pallet.In the picture below you can see how little storage space YP Proside take for the equivalent of  60 pallets. 

Lightweight but
Very Resistant

Our new product, YP Proside is very light and compact. A single unit weights only 213g. That makes 850g for the set of 4. It compressive strength goes up to 1.8t.

Easily Stackable

You will be able to stack in two layers on YP Protainer®.

Be careful when piling one box on top of another and make sure it doesn't fall off.


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